As a surface pattern designer I am particularly interested within textures, this is also reflected within my style and current summer aesthetic collection. Influenced by the natural beauty and textual patterns within British garden summer flowers, I have designed an uplifting interior and stationery collection called ‘Abloom’. I have merged both linear and mark making textures inspired by my flower and plant drawings to create innovative designs.

‘mystical moonlight’

This A/W collection is inspired by a recent University trip to the astronomy centre in India. After having the reading of my star sign from my birth date and time, this reflected my personality perfectly. This encouraged a premium birthday collection inspired by the concept that a birthday is much more than the day on which we were born, but rather it determines who we are.  ‘Mystical Moonlight’ won ‘Best Overall Collection’ with IG Design Group UK, this also included a 4 week internship. This collection has also been nominated for a Cardiff Metropolitan ‘Edge’ award.

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